21 June 2011

How to Increase Ranking on ALEXA

Alexa is an independent site that provides an assessment of the blogs / sites that we created, Alexa ratings differ from Google's valuation, if the Google starts judging from the number 0 and ending with the number 10 as the highest value, then from Alexa assessment starts from the highest (eg tens of millions) and going down to the smallest rank 1, (example www.facebook.com has 2 in the Alexa ranking.

in this article, I will give some way to increase your blog's ranking on Alexa :
  1. Install Alexa Toolbar on your computer and you can add on your browsing system, (I recommend using Mozilla). to install it please click here.
  2. Make a post about alexa, for example when listing your experience in Alexa, or how to enroll in alexa, great if you make posts like that I made today, with the added praise or flattery to Alexa.
  3. Often Blogwalking to your site / blog friend friends, once commented with Alexa redirect URL of your blog. Examples of this blog Alexa redirect URL ==>> http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?www.orangpos.blogspot.com. You may change the address www.orangpos.blogspot.com into your blog address.
  4. Update your articles every day with quality writing and have the selling points that could have happened index by google. contents can be written as of now I'm writing, or about how to find free dollars
  5. Immediately registered the article that you wrote in news site traffic, yahoo, google, digg, and do not forget to do a promotion on social networking sites like Facebook Twitter, and others, in hopes of increasing visitor traffic, which in turn will increase your Alexa ranking. 
so that I can give in this article, see you in other articles. greetings to you.

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