28 July 2011

Beware SCAM You Lurk

For those of you who have a hobby of surfing the virtual world, would have been much familiar with the term scam. lots of offers sent via email or displayed in the form of advertising is very interesting. but unfortunately they only want to deceive you. as if you are a fool and a field of money for their income.

Online business in cyberspace are very promising results. From just looking for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and even tens of millions of dollars per month. Not just one or two people who testified to the truth of this income. You can Search on google about the success stories of online businesses. Yet we must guard against internet business programs that are offered to us. Not because of how much commission is offered, but whether such programs actually pay and benefits we should be a consideration. Because not only one of two or tens of internet business programs which are programs and greatly harm our Scam, but the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of programs. Here, we must be careful and selective of all business programs online. Here, tips on how to select and avoid Scam programs are:

29 June 2011


The development of a world of information and technology is growing rapidly in Indonesia, particularly the virtual information technology. n the internet become a necessity for most people, from among students, student, teacher, lecturer, and even housewives....
Here I will provide information on the 10 Best Websites Indonesia Year 2011 especially in January, where the website is the tenth most accessed by the visitors around the world, especially Indonesia according to Alexa.com version, temporarily overseas websites most often accessed by visitors in India is http://www.facebook.com/, http://www.google.co.id/, http://www.google.com/, http://www.blogger.com/, http://www.yahoo.com/, and only after that there is a website that is http://www.kaskus.us/ Indonesia, but due to the This review is devoted to the website of Indonesia's then expressed as a website http://www.kaskus.us/ Indonesia who is ranked number one of all websites in Indonesia.
Here below 10 Indonesia Website of the Year 2011:
1. Kaskus.us - The Largest Indonesian Community

 Reviews Kaskus.us:
Who does not know kaskus.us? Kaskus.us is the website of Indonesia's largest virtual community, members ranging from small children to adults, established on November 6, 1999 (- / + 12 years) is founded by three people named Andrew Dervish, Ronald and Budi. Kaskus website has a PageRank 6 of the best is 10, has a user (newbie) as much as 2 million 400 thousand more members....

26 June 2011

History Of ALEXA

Alexa Ranking Has the number of digits which is a bit of pride, but it also became the target for the advertisers or adverstiser create advertising its products on the website /blog. In a sense financialnya "The money will chase you"

Alexa Rank calculation using a system that will combine the average - the averagevisitor of a site per day and number of pages of a website that is opened by visitors. Awebsite is located at the highest level have alexa Alexa Rank "1" so in the sense that the smaller the better the Alexa ranking means it.

Since this blog is not a special blog that discusses a blog tutorials, like how to improvealexa ranking, (anyways I'm not a whiz in the field, and in many Master2 added that discuss it) then I will discuss the future is the history of the founding of Alexa.com. . (Veryfew and almost none that discussed the history but there are millions of Alexa netter who use widgets from Alexa ..) google-site-verification: google38c0e79b0e13ea54.html

24 June 2011

How to Detect Viruses Manually

Here are some tips that can be done to find the source of viruses or suspicious files are regarded as a virus:

1. Check that there is Autorun Entry (list of programs) that we feel have never installed it. For example I've seen no such thing as FFD

show.exe by location (Path Image) C: \ Program Files \ K-Lite Codec Pack \, when the computer is never installed the program K-Lite Codec Pack.

Then it is likely that one source of the virus. This often happens, for example, there are applications with the folder Corel Draw, but we never install Corel Draw.

21 June 2011

How to Increase Ranking on ALEXA

Alexa is an independent site that provides an assessment of the blogs / sites that we created, Alexa ratings differ from Google's valuation, if the Google starts judging from the number 0 and ending with the number 10 as the highest value, then from Alexa assessment starts from the highest (eg tens of millions) and going down to the smallest rank 1, (example www.facebook.com has 2 in the Alexa ranking.

in this article, I will give some way to increase your blog's ranking on Alexa :
  1. Install Alexa Toolbar on your computer and you can add on your browsing system, (I recommend using Mozilla). to install it please click here.