29 June 2011


The development of a world of information and technology is growing rapidly in Indonesia, particularly the virtual information technology. n the internet become a necessity for most people, from among students, student, teacher, lecturer, and even housewives....
Here I will provide information on the 10 Best Websites Indonesia Year 2011 especially in January, where the website is the tenth most accessed by the visitors around the world, especially Indonesia according to Alexa.com version, temporarily overseas websites most often accessed by visitors in India is http://www.facebook.com/, http://www.google.co.id/, http://www.google.com/, http://www.blogger.com/, http://www.yahoo.com/, and only after that there is a website that is http://www.kaskus.us/ Indonesia, but due to the This review is devoted to the website of Indonesia's then expressed as a website http://www.kaskus.us/ Indonesia who is ranked number one of all websites in Indonesia.
Here below 10 Indonesia Website of the Year 2011:
1. Kaskus.us - The Largest Indonesian Community

 Reviews Kaskus.us:
Who does not know kaskus.us? Kaskus.us is the website of Indonesia's largest virtual community, members ranging from small children to adults, established on November 6, 1999 (- / + 12 years) is founded by three people named Andrew Dervish, Ronald and Budi. Kaskus website has a PageRank 6 of the best is 10, has a user (newbie) as much as 2 million 400 thousand more members....

2. Detik.com - Site News Digital Age

Reviews Detik.com:
Detik.com a website or websites, news media information that is timely and reliable that there is virtual world, Detik.com has a google pagerank 7 from a total of 10, established on July 9, 1998 (- / + 13 years). Founded by 4 people namely Budiono Darsono, Yayan Sopyan, Abdul Rahman, and Didi Nugrahadi

3. Kompas.com

Reviews Kompas.com:
Kompas.com is the name of the daily newspaper in Indonesia based in Jakarta, Kompas daily founder of PK Ojong and Jakob Oetama. Kompas Daily was established on June 28, 1965 (- / + 46 year). Kompas.com has a google pagerank 8 out of 10 total. And has won many awards from both domestic and from abroad.

Reviews VIVAnews.com:
VIVAnews.com is a news portal website that rely on depth, velocity, growth and development faster. VIVAnews.com is managed by PT. Viva New Media, a subsidiary of Media PT.Visi Main, where the company also manages the broadcasting business quiz and Reuters. VIVAnews.com website was launched in 2008 and now has a Google PageRank 6 out of 10 total.

Reviews KlikBCA.com:
KlikBCA.com is the website of Bank Central Asia which is managed by a private bank, the website is created for the customers of Bank BCA will conduct Internet banking transactions online. Website KlikBCA.com have a google pagerank 6 out of 10 total.

Reviews detikSport.com:
detikSport.com is a special website to display information about the sport both domestically and abroad that are online, detikSport.com is a unity with detik.com, detikSport.com has a PageRank 6 out of 10 total....

eviews detikNews.com:
detikNews.com is a website that displays news up to date, about the news in the country that are online, as well as one company detikSport.com detikNews.com with detik.com. Website Pagerank detikNews.com have 6 out of 10 total....

Reviews Adsense-id.com:
Adsense-id.com is the website publisher community forum for Indonesia, where bloggers get together Indonesia has even grown in some areas. Adsense-id.com website has a PageRank 2 out of 10 total.

Reviews KapanLagi.com :
KapanLagi.com merupakan Website yang berita yang mengupas seputar infotainment dan selebritis tanah air maupun internasional, website ini diluncurkan pada bulan Agustus 2003. Website KapanLagi.com mempunyai Pagerank google 5 dari total 10.

Reviews Okezone.com:
Okezone.com an Entertainment Website and online news in Indonesia, the website is established in March 2007. This site is owned by PT Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) which also manages the print and electronic media such as RCTI, and the newspaper Sindo. Google Pagerank Okezone.com have 6 out of 10 total.

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