28 July 2011

Beware SCAM You Lurk

For those of you who have a hobby of surfing the virtual world, would have been much familiar with the term scam. lots of offers sent via email or displayed in the form of advertising is very interesting. but unfortunately they only want to deceive you. as if you are a fool and a field of money for their income.

Online business in cyberspace are very promising results. From just looking for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and even tens of millions of dollars per month. Not just one or two people who testified to the truth of this income. You can Search on google about the success stories of online businesses. Yet we must guard against internet business programs that are offered to us. Not because of how much commission is offered, but whether such programs actually pay and benefits we should be a consideration. Because not only one of two or tens of internet business programs which are programs and greatly harm our Scam, but the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of programs. Here, we must be careful and selective of all business programs online. Here, tips on how to select and avoid Scam programs are:

1. Commission
Is one thing that is often noticed and attract businesses online. We would be tempted by lucrative commissions that have been offered. But this is where you should be suspicious and compare with similar programs. Does it make sense for the commission we get. Take for example the PTC program that pays an average of 1 to 2 cents per click. If you are offered a program that equals 5 cents per click, then most likely it's a scam. (1 cent = $ 0.01 USD).

2. Work System
Sometimes we are also tempted by programs that offer large commissions, while relatively little work required.
If you feel that the work offered and logical to be implemented commensurate with the commission is given, the possibility that anti-scam program. MLM programs such as systems that use member get member. This program is very promising, but you should know that the program is vulnerable to a loss that falls to your side and the expense of others.

3. Age
To reduce the possibility of fraud, list the programs that have been aged longer, for example, already more than 1 year. How easy you can check the website domain that is used and looking at the program website Who is Domain (http://doamaintols.com). There you will find how long the domain is used.

4. Prove Scam or Not
Ask Google about OL is a business program. For example search with the keyword (program name) is Scam. Then compare using webaliknya keyword. If you only get a little information that the program is a scam, it is possible that this program really pays. In addition you can also ask to google about proof of payment made by the program to members. From here you can also decide whether the program is a scam or not. All you can ask Google about the existence of programs offered to you.

5. Asked in such a large forum kaskus and yahoo answer
kaskus / Yahoo answer is a gathering place for everyone, including the online business that has been experienced. I myself often use this trick to check whether or not a scam site. Ask questions in yahoo answer in a way that standard and use language that is easy to understand, Example:

"I am a newbie who has just anchored in the online business, here I want to ask whether the site xxx.com it a scam?". I am sure that you ask these questions will be answered definitely.

Finally, I want to convey that the negative thinking and positive thinking and there needs to be balanced in selecting an online business program. If it is too negative, you might scam claimed all programs. Also if it is too positive, you might follow all the existing programs and was a scam.

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