26 June 2011

History Of ALEXA

Alexa Ranking Has the number of digits which is a bit of pride, but it also became the target for the advertisers or adverstiser create advertising its products on the website /blog. In a sense financialnya "The money will chase you"

Alexa Rank calculation using a system that will combine the average - the averagevisitor of a site per day and number of pages of a website that is opened by visitors. Awebsite is located at the highest level have alexa Alexa Rank "1" so in the sense that the smaller the better the Alexa ranking means it.

Since this blog is not a special blog that discusses a blog tutorials, like how to improvealexa ranking, (anyways I'm not a whiz in the field, and in many Master2 added that discuss it) then I will discuss the future is the history of the founding of Alexa.com. . (Veryfew and almost none that discussed the history but there are millions of Alexa netter who use widgets from Alexa ..) google-site-verification: google38c0e79b0e13ea54.html

Alexa.com sites that we know was founded by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat in 1996 with the company name Alexa Internet, Inc. selected as a tribute to the "Library of Alexandria" (an ancient library in Egypt is probably the biggest and famous in the world).Additionally Alexa can be interpreted as Address Look-Up Experts Authority 
With a price of $ 250 million by giant Amazon.com company was acquired alexa and make it as a subsidiary of Amazon. In purchasing the Amazon.com has strayed far from his original vision that is as a search engine that "smart" 
Alexa In recent years the Internet has several times to change its partnership (Google, Open Directory Project) in delivering better results again, just was in 2006 they began using their own Search Platform. 
Lately, 31 March 2009, ALexa.com complete redesign and system metrics include: Pageviews per user, Bounce Rate and Time on Site. then add a new feature: Demographics, Clickstream and Search Traffic stats.

And who gets ranked first according to Alexa.com?

Of course, a site that is not unfamiliar to you Google.com and then followed by Yahoo, Youtube and then in a position to four of the current site exploded and famous in Indonesia "Facebook", but did not give alexa rank to himself. No data recorded is what you get when you type the keyword "Alexa.com" at the alexa.com site. Is alexa his fear of not objective results in kemukannya or embarrassed by alexa ranking? 
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